My Projects


An “all purpose” Discord server management and utility bot. Been working on this for quite a bit now…

Progress updates in my Discord server


A simple Discord bot to get Harry Potter data, from Potter DB. Made in a couple days because I was bored. Also open source. Discordlist direct invite

Duckers, or whatever I’m calling it now

story time, children

One of my first actual things I programmed. Made with AutoCode, it just got pictures of ducks from the api. It grew and grew and got verified for some reason…

I then realized that there was already an official Discord bot. Trying to find a way to cover this I decided I wanted to make a integration for AutoCode. I got permission from the creator of for some reason and set to work. It took too long and sorta worked a bit eventually. The plan was to make Duckers the demo for it and open source it. I don’t think it needed a demo but I’m not my prior self.

A couple months ago I cleaned up the API and made it actually work. I also cleaned up the bot a bit, but I forget if it’s actually powered by the AutoCode integration thing. It’s not open source, and I don’t have any energy to make it open source.

Duckers in the Discord app directory

Duckers has a website for some reason

direct invite

AutoCode “integration”

that’s a lot of links

I need to make some stuff other than Discord bots