My Problem with Apple

This post is not meant as “Apple should go to hell”, it’s an explanation for “why don’t you like Apple”. There’s a lot of stuff that Apple does do a good job on - have you seen the M1 Ultra? - but that is not this post. There’s also other stuff I don’t like but this is the big ones.

Apple stuff only works with other Apple stuff

Apple has made itself the Apple ecosystem. The Apple walled garden. Whatever you want to call it, you can only use Apple stuff with other Apple stuff.

Example 1: My iPod nano

It used to belong to my dad. It’s ancient. Let’s imagine that I want to take a mp3 off of it and onto my Windows computer so that I can play it on there for whatever reason. With most mp3 players from that day and age, that’s ridiculously easy. I plug it in, open it up, and move the file to my desktop.

With the iPod, I first need to download iTunes. This is extra hard because, no surprise here, that’s extra hard to do when you’re not on a Mac. I then need to find some funky way to get the mp3 out of iTunes, which is another rabbit hole.

Example 2: Green bubble blue bubble

Example 3: Apple Watch

This one is pretty straightforward. Let’s say you got yourself a fancy little Apple watch. You can’t use it at all, without an iPhone.

Right to Repair and Apple’s fake work to make devices repairable

Right to Repair in a nutshell is a movement to be able to repair devices without your warranty being voided. Apple has been a long time target of this movement for reasons that sorta explain themselves:

The thing is, if you went with the option of going to Mr.Rossmann for him to fix it for free, your warranty is now void. And this by far is not the only example of this.

Apple noticed people not liking this and launched the “Apple Authorized Service Provider Program”. This itself just a PR stunt:

Just being stupid

They literally put time and effort into making their products worse. Why, Apple?

Example 1: You can’t remove the power cord on a $1800 display?

Example 2: You must fill the home screen from top to bottom left to right

Just why? Some people have small hands or just plain like the convenience of it.

And finally the Apple cult

There’s this group of people who will just buy whatever Apple releases and do whatever Apple tells them to do.